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  • A Wise Minister

    Once in a kingdom ruled a king who was fond of horses and owned a thousand horses of the top breed. He was proud of his horses and used to show his horses to every guest that came in his palace. The ministers of the palace were very wise and always thought of the welfare of the kingdom. One day a crook who had run from the nearest kingdom heard of the king’s madness about horses and thought of an evil plan. He told his servants to go to the forest and bring seven wild mules. He took the mules to his secret shed and pained them brown and decorated well. After his decoration the mules looked exactly like horses. He told the stable boy of the palace to tell the king that he had top breed Arab horses.

    The king was a lot excited and welcomed the crook. Without thinking he bought the mules for hundred gold coins each. A minister told the king not to take decisions so quickly without thinking but the king did not listen to him. He told the king that the horses were shorter than the normal ones and had long hair. But the king blind in the craze of horses did not listen to him. The king ordered the minister to pay him at once. The crook took the money and ran away.

    After some time it rained and the colours on the mules were washed away. The king regretted about his hasty decision. He called an immediate meeting and ordered to search for the crook. All the soldiers searched the crook but they could not find him. The king was sad and regretted not listening to the minister. Then the minister told him that finding some differences in the horses he had given seven hundred gold-coated bronze coins instead of genuine gold coins. The king was a lot proud of his minster and rewarded him generously for his wise decision.

    Collected by
    Shubha Gopal

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