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  • Book Review: The Alchemist- Anuj Baskota

    “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho is a wonderful worldwide famous novel which teaches us to follow our dream. It also gives us a feeling that “there is something more” that we’ve forgotten and the thought that we are part of something big. In this novel, Paulo states about the life of a boy named Santiago

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    You Can Win: Reviewed by Nalima Shrestha

    The book ‘You Can Win (1998)’ written by Shiv Khera is a self help book meant for people who are looking for practical tips to change their life. This book inspires and encourages people to bring about changes in their lives and do something good to themselves and others. This book gives some practical ideas

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    The Strange Case of DR. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Saramsha Dotel

    CHARACTERS : Dr. Jekyll (The protagonist; an old professor in medical studies and an expert in medicines) Mr. Hyde (The antagonist; a man with no specific identity with deformed body and short height; a murderer) John Gabriel Utterson (A lawyer who is Jekyll’s best friend; the narrator) Dr. Lanyon (A medical specialist and old friend

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