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  • CYBER CRIME IN NEPAL:Pallavi Baral

    Cyber crime is a criminal activity done using computers and the internet. Cyber crime destroys the prosperity of an individual. it is an illegal activity which hinders the peace and prestige of a person.
    In the present context of Nepal, maximum people use to commit this crime. The reputation of the people will be in danger if he/she is involved in this crime.
    So, in order to eradicate this evil, Nepalese government must start any legal action for those who commit this crime. Not only government but all stake holders should mobilize the volunteers to be freed from this crime. We,local people should raise voice against this illegal activity and try to work as much as we could. and then our country will be escaped from this inhuman activity.

    Pallavi Baral

    Class 9 A

    Junior Citizens’Academy


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