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A Best Friend


A Best Friend

A best friend,

is a friend, who always cares,

with whom I can, all my secrets, share.

When I am late,

She opens the gate,

When I cry,

She will be by,

To hold me tight,

Whenever I err,

She is there to correct for.

When I am sad,

She’s always there to hold my hand.

When someone is against me,

She is ready to fight for me.

When I do something wrong,

She is always there to sing a song,

To cheer me up.

When I need her at all,

She is there to stand tall.

She listens to my each word.

Whenever I commit mistakes,

She takes the charge as my Lord.

I fight with her,

but she still excuses me.

She has a shallow heart as like a sea.

I really feel proud to have her.

O Lord, “make this friendship forever.”

Sakshi Sarda