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Born Talent : Samata Shrestha


Born Talent : Samata Shrestha

On a fine Sunday morning, I opened my windows to get that cool zephyr feeling. Although I lived in a busy town, full of vehicles and buildings, I had learnt to cope with the environment. It always reminds me of different stories.

It was a December morning. I lazily dressed up for school and went downstairs for breakfast. Today supposed to be educational strike? I asked my mother. She smiled.

I hurriedly gobbled my breakfast. I waved frantically to my mother and rushed towards my bus stop. I waited, waited and waited until I could wait no longer. The heavy school bag was a burden to me. But I did not know that my small chubby sister had made the time in my watch an hour quicker. I looked around and saw a boy dancing (in the hip-hop genre actually). I went near him and he suddenly stopped his acts. He smacked down on the hard cemented floor where he laid a small bowl of money. He was a beggar.

Excuse me, are you an orphan? I asked without having the sense of what I was asking. He did not reply. I took out a fifty-rupee note that I saved for my lunch. Here you go. I said lending him the note. He murmured thank you and politely took the note. I smiled and went towards my bus. The yellow bus had been waiting for one minute.

I started pondering slightly. That little beggar did not look so poor nor was he dressed in rags. He knew the dance steps that I did not know. I am very interested now. Why would a normal boy be stranded on that lonely road? He looked like my age, a regular ninth grader. Was I being fooled?

I had completely forgotten about that boy when I got busy with schoolwork and friends. I only realized his presence when he was still there on my way home. I tried not to think about that poor fellow. After all, I could not help him even though I wanted to.

It was a cold Friday afternoon. My mother had given me a shopping list to buy a lot of things. The boy was still there. But now, he looked sick and was shivering. It was unacceptable. I ran towards him and asked straight forward, What on earth are you doing here? Go home. He started weeping. I thought I was somewhat rude. I’m sorry but you really need to tell me who you really are. I shouted again.

He replied with much difficulty. I could guarantee that it was due to hunger and cold. I am a native Indian. He began. I love the art of dance and want to earn fame someday. This desire drew me mad. Strength and growth comes only through continuous effort and struggle. Those Muslims killed my parents because they were Hindu. A gentle man approached me soon afterwards assuring me that he was my godfather. I had been tricked instead he trafficked me to some kind of hotel. I could not last there. I was used like a robot so I ran from that hell and today i’m here hopeless! Tears rolled down my cheeks. If only I could help you. I ran away wiping my tears.

How selfish we human beings are. We just care for our own satisfaction and take everything for granted. What if I were in his place? Earth provides enough to satisfy every  need but can never satisfy a greed. I read it somewhere and it was being proved. Where is the feeling of humanity gone?

My eyes still twinkled with fresh tears. What happened dear? My mother asked. I ran into my room and latched the door. I could see him from my room. He was dancing to warm up in the cold. I tried to ignore and pulled the drapes to watch television. The anchor of the show announced, So do you think you are a born talent? If so dial the number as shown on the TV screen. I had already reached for my cell phone.

Yes ma’am. How can I help you? asked a girl on the phone. I want to register a name for the competition for your show.

Oh! You have to come here for the form. Our office is situated at Balkhu, Kirtipur.

I darted towards the gate, held the boys hand and took a taxi. He was speechless. Of course, I saw some people dressed in frenzy outfits and thought it was the office. I talked with the receptionist and filled the form in a rush because the show was about to begin.

Please keep our name at first, I begged.

I just ran to the stage along with the stranger. Now you just need to dance. You’ve waited for this all your life,I said. The spotlight sparkled. His moves were wonderful. I could feel it. It made me dance with comfort. He was a born talent. We waited for the results to be announced. I was very scared because I did an unexpectedly horrible task. What would my parents say? But all the tension faded away when the anchor announced my name along with his (which was a fake one). I could not stop my pleasure of happiness. He looked startled. We both went to the dais and the judge handed over a $10,000 check. Everybody applauded. I still remember that day.

I closed my window feeling the cool zephyr of a Sunday morning. The thoughts are still fresh of that unexpected task. I had lied that he was my schoolmate. I went down for breakfast that morning and headed towards the bus stop. He was still sitting there alone, now that he was a superstar. I went towards him and smiled.

You are a born talent, I said.

Samata Shrestha

GEMS, Lalitpur