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Corona: Sonima Gurung


Corona: Sonima Gurung

Corona virus, the worst disease

Stay home, stay safe please

Started from China, the world suffer

Those who neglect the rule i.e. duffer

You will have cold, headache and cough

After get infected the life will be tough

Cases of Corona in the world is increasing

Let’s be unite together for its decreasing

Going through Nepali students voice

Some have online service and some don’t have any choice

Government of Nepal gave online study notice

Think about about the students of remote having no network service

Responsible personalities should take the suitable step

What we have done that we got Corona as a punishment

Wash your hands with soap

We’ll fight the virus, that’s the hope

Use handkerchief or mask to cover your face

If possible don’t go to crowded place

To sum up positive quotes:

Life changes very quickly in a very positive way,  if you let it.

Sonima Gurung

Class 10

JCA, Pokhara