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COVID Crisis, Children’s Creativity and Publication


COVID Crisis, Children’s Creativity and Publication

Merocreation organized an online sharing and discussion with school principals on the area of children’s creativity in COVID crisis, publication and school fame aiming to empower school leaders with the ways of encouraging and publishing children’s creativity. 

The facilitator of the event, Jeevan Karki mentioned that children could be made even more creative during the COVID crisis as they have all sort of mixed feelings during this unusual situation. Therefore, teachers, parents/guardians and caretakers should encourage them to express their experiences, feelings in whatever way they find easier. It could be through poem, story, essay, drawing, painting, diary writing, photos, videos or anything. Different forms of creativity are directly or indirectly linked with their curriculum and is always going to add value in children’s learning.

“When children publish their creativity in the media, they also represent their schools with their name, which is a sustainable way of spreading the fame of schools out in the market.” the facilitator said. And the principals agreed that children are the ambassadors of schools and when they perform well out in the media, others children are parents are likely to be more influenced towards the their schools. Therefore, it is more powerful tool to spread the fame of the schools.

During the sharing, the facilitator also highlighted how the schools, parents and children could easily publish their creativity on Merocreation magazine.

The event was attended by 50 principals from more than 20 different districts, which was facilitated by Jeevan Karki, teacher trainer and writer and was moderated by Dhurba Thapa, the coordinator of Merocreation.