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Don’t Want To Grow Up: Sakshi Sarda


Don’t Want To Grow Up: Sakshi Sarda

With that soft and cozy hands,
In that very precious acre of lands.
Perhaps, smile on each and every face,
I was born, born like a drop of water in the ocean.


Giggling and climbing the stairs,
Running to hide from the one who cares.
Just like a blink of an eye, the time went by,
And now I’m trying to convince it by telling a lie.


An awkward feeling, followed me back,
Leading me in a different and awful track.
With those innocent kids, roaming through the fields,
Made me forget all my ill, thank u kids!


But…still…again…that feeling cursed me,
The feeling to grow up, and not to be free.
That very awful thought, in the conscience,
Seemed just like a terrifying nightmare.


Slowly, I convinced myself, but still within,
I’m in fear, fear to grow up and be far from the kin.
Now I’m convinced, fully convinced, I don’t need to grow up,and a feeling that I’m still a little doll,

Can do all the mysterious stuffs in one’s stupendous shop.


But deep in my heart there is a question-‘Are you sure you’re still a child?’
And within I had an answer-‘No, I’m 16 and can’t be wild’,
My god, I’m 16, then, it’s time to grow up,
Grow from the mistakes, be independent and tough.

Be tough to life, the world and everything.
“I don’t wanna GROW UP”-I felt deep within.


Sakshi Sarda