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‘George’s Marvelous Medicine’: Suban Adhikari


‘George’s Marvelous Medicine’: Suban Adhikari

‘George’s Marvelous Medicine’ is an amazing book. Though it doesn’t have much long story and much twists, it’s still outstanding. Little George is funny and his grandma so annoying. The story goes between these two opposite characters. I love the story so much because of the imagination presented in it. And the funniest part ‘Do not try making George’s medicine at home’. Yeah, that’s absolutely true. The medicine is made up with all soap, paints, foams, creams, shoe polishes and many more ingredients. Let me narrate the story in short.

George is a small boy of eight. He lives with his parents and a grumpy grandma. She is very wicked that you cannot even imagine. She always loves to scare George and terrify the poor child. One day George had enough. He thinks that the woman needed to be taught a lesson. Then he sees her medicine bottle. He then thinks of making his own medicine which will either change her or troll her. Then the journey begins. He roams around whole house for ingredients and those are very awkward ingredients. Finally, the medicine is ready for grandma. He serves the medicine to his grandma. But, do you know what happened? The medicine gives her a sock and makes her grow so much that she breaks the roof of the house. George is expected to get bad scolding from his parents, but they are so happy. His father has an idea of giving medicine to every animal in the farm so that they will grow bigger and more money could be earned. Eventually, every single drop gets used and the problem is; there is no more medicine and making the new one was not easy at all. It is because there is no list of ingredients he had previously used. Remembering hundreds of ingredients he had blended was not possible. Similarly, they make 3 more medicines which have different effects. It’s just opposite to what they are expecting. And everyone forgets about granny. She now starts asking for tea. Old Grumpy woman! she drinks the forth medicine thinking that its tea but that is not. She starts shrinking and shrinking and she becomes so small that she disappears. And that’s how the granny’s tale ended.

It might not sound interesting at this point, but when you go through the story it’s so impressive. The book is quite imaginative which is lifeblood to this book. And not only to this book but all the Roald Dahal’s books are imaginative. You cannot believe a medicine made with horrible things could have random effects as mentioned before you die. And the conversation between George and grandma is so fabulous! Let’s just imagine how the author thought about this idea. A boy intense to take revenge on his grandma and invents a new medicine for her which has random effects. It’s comically grotesque. We have to appreciate how the author made a small issue a very shocking and funny result. When I read this book I fully enjoyed every moment. And I am completely satisfied. The way his story goes is so unpredictable and satisfying. One of the characteristics of Roald Dahal is that he never hesitates to write. I mean, if we were to write this story we would hesitate to write it as the imagination is too much. But not for Roald Dahal. He does not hesitate to write. That’s the reason why his books are so unpredictable and enjoyable.

Road Dahal always makes a small issue into a big one. We would normally ignore it but he does not. And to write the way Roald Dahal does, we must highly imagine. We must not ignore any issue. Even if a small issue is presented, we must add imagination in it.        

When I read the Book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ there was also crazy imagination presented. Chocolate factory was a bulky book so many crazy ideas and imagination were there. Roald Dahal is truly a great author. Though he is not with us anymore but his books have still made him among us.    


Suban Adhikari

LRI School, Kathmandu