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Honesty is the Best Policy:Ambikesh


Honesty is the Best Policy:Ambikesh

Honesty is a great virtue. It is considered to be the noblest quality of man. An honest man is always honoured. On the other hand, a dishonest man is not respected though s/he is successful. He has to live his life in fear since any day his dishonesty can be exposed and whatever he has earned in life, can be lost in a moment. This fear destroys his peace of mind and happiness in the true sense. On the contrary, an honest man has nothing to fear, whatever he has earned in life, on his own and through honest means, is valued by all. He has nothing to hide and does not owe anything to anybody. Therefore, we should cultivate the habit of honesty right from childhood so that we become respectfully successful.

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Class IX-B

DAV Public School, Jasola Vihar, Delhi, India