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Let’s Chase Corona!: Alisha Gurung


Let’s Chase Corona!: Alisha Gurung

2020 is the Era of Corona virus,
So, globally there’s serious occurrence.

The world suffers from its spread and ugliness,
Many people lost their family and happiness.

Young or older, rich or poor it can cause death,
Together we can handle this, it’s our faith.

Business and works are halt due to its impact,
Students are out of schools, closing schools is a fact.

People are afraid of corona’s destroy,
They think, it’s end for the joy and enjoy.

A country-wide lockdown came as another effect,
Let’s be united together to chase it and reject.

Alisha Gurung
Junior citizens’ Academy
Pokhara Lekhnath-26 kaski
Class 10 ‘ Inventor’
Roll no. 2