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Let’s Visit the Chocolate Factory with Charlie


Let’s Visit the Chocolate Factory with Charlie

Roald Dahl, born in Wales on 13 September 1916, is one of the world’s bestselling authors. He was a British novelist, short story writer, poet, screenwriter and interestingly he also served in the Royal Air Force in World War II. A versatile man, wasn’t he? Dahl has been referred as ‘one of the greatest story tellers of the 20th century’. He is no more with us as he died on 23 November 1990 (aged 74) in Oxford England. Last year I read few books and now I will take you to Wonka’s factory in Charlie and the Chocolate factory by Roald Dahl. Do you love chocolate and mysterious stories? Then spend five minutes reading it.

Charlie Bucket is a poor boy, so poor that his family had to starve. So, they used to eat only boiled potatoes and cabbages to assuage their hunger. Imagine yourself in that situation! And Charlie is a great fan of chocolate, but he would just get a bar of chocolate in a whole year. Imagine, how poor they are!  They live in a wooden house, half broken. A cold wind would blow inside the house and give a terrible feeling. His life is so hard. How unlucky he is!

Later, he turns so lucky that he gets the 5th and the last golden ticket which allows the him to visit the world’s biggest factory owned by Mr. Willy Wonka. No one has ever entered the mysterious factory after it is re-opened as it is not an ordinary factory at all. The factory consists of lots of secrets and mysteries like the secret way of making candies, mysterious workers and many more. Everybody wants to know the secrets. Getting a chance to visit that factory would be so great. There are four children in the chocolate factory, who are totally spoiled. As they all four are spoiled, they start ignoring Mr. Wonka’s instructions and they begin to get in trouble and start disappearing with their parents for different reasons. None of them knew that being little naughty would be so costly for them.

Then Charlie is left alone with his grandpa. He gets a special gift from Mr. Wonka. What could it be? It is not an ordinary gift because Mr. Wonka has said earlier that, the special gift will be out of our imagination and will be presented only to one of the kids. Then Mr. Willy Wonka and Charlie go to his house using the great glass elevator. The journey doesn’t end here. It continues in the book Charlie and the great glass elevator.

This marvelous book is beyond our imagination. I would certainly love it because it is based on chocolate, which all children love. The part which keeps a smile on my face is when Charlie finds out he is also the lucky one to go to the chocolate factory. A poor boy who could hardly afford a bar of chocolate in a year is going to the world’s biggest chocolate factory. How happy he is! The main reason of happiness is that he will be getting a life time supply of chocolates! Wow! That is so great. Exploring the great factory is so amazing. They are so awesome. Have you ever seen a place with chocolate everywhere? Like chocolate trees, chocolate river, chocolate waterfall, chocolate plants and the land itself. No, right? Then you will find it here. Not only this, the factory also has tiny workers. They are not humans?! Nor animals! Who are they then? Ghosts? It’s a secret. It is mysterious as well as funny too. The part which made me laugh was when all four spoiled children who showed off at the beginning and thought they are the best but later, their thoughts are proven wrong. And do you want to know what happened to them? One fell in Chocolate River. Other became like a big blue balloon. The third one fell into garbage and the last one became as tall as a lamp post. It is so funny. If they had followed Mr. Wonk’s instructions they wouldn’t have got into trouble. Poor Charlie who was made fun at the beginning by the other is now the hero and everyone is jealous of him.

My best part is when they all go to the chocolate room. As I told earlier, it is full of chocolate. I wish I could taste any one of the chocolates there. Whenever I read it, my mouth waters. I read it over and again, and still I don’t get bored. This is because the book is so interesting. The hot melted chocolate, juicy gum and more. Have you ever seen or heard about the people taking ride on a boat across chocolate river? No, right? Then you will find it here. The boat is made up of boiled sweets. So imaginative! A boat made up of boiled sweets that is used to cross the chocolate river. Funny! There is also another thing that is unusual. It’s the great glass elevator. It’s not the elevator that we use. It’s the elevator that can go not only up ways and down ways but also sideways. It can also float in air by the help of boosters. You can say it can go wherever we want. If these elevators existed in real, then there is no use of airplanes.

This book is so good. If you haven’t read it yet, then you must start reading it right away. It will definitely help us a lot because it teaches us how to write stories, the way of narrating stories, the way of making a story mysterious and making the readers read the book. The writer has used a very good trick which makes the readers keep reading. At the end of chapters, the author doesn’t solve the mysteries or ends the chapter in a way that the readers want to know what will happen next. This story is a great page turner. I would like to give 4.9 rating to this book out of 5.


Suban Adhikari

LRI School, Kathmandu