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Live Your Life


Live Your Life

Life is always not the bed full of roses but it is also the path full of thrones. Life just goes on sometimes up, sometimes down. But we should never get depressed and try to console our heart at the times of difficulties because there is always sun shine after every dark. Live your life today, it never has tomorrow. Think every day is your day and every moment is for you and only for you.

It is not always easy to do what we think. However, we can try our best. You have one life so, live it the best way you can and always remember it is never too late to start a good work. We can take an example of Helen Keller, she was the first disabled woman to graduate from college but at the age of 40, whereas normal people graduate at early 20s. She is still remembered because she was different and she tried her best to achieve what she desired.

The main thing you should do is to be yourself and do your thing. Don’t care what people say about you. Do what you desire but think once so that later you don’t have to regret because what you did was exactly what you wanted.

Always try to achieve your dream. Dreams are not the ones what you see in dream but are the ones which take away your sleep. Your dreams should make you go crazy till you don’t achieve it. So, try to get it. If you get what you desired your soul will rest in peace but if not you will regret till the end of your life saying why did not I. If you at least try you will be satisfied.

Leave your past as past. Don’t try to bring the past in present and ruin it, when we could do so much better in present and have a wonderful future. Pasts are only to teach you not to define you of what you are now.

Don’t underestimate anyone and never take anyone for granted. Everyone is good at their own way. So, be satisfied with what you are and what you have. No one is coward, it is just that sometimes situation comes like that that you can’t express what you have in the heart but people around you have to understand and act accordingly.

It is true that there are seven billion people on this earth. So, don’t ruin your whole life just because of one person. Always remember you may be one person for the whole world but you may be the whole world for one person. So, respect and preserve those people because they are only the one that you will find when you greatly need someone.

Always listen and try to understand your teachers, elders and parents because they are the ones who have seen the world more than us. Your life is a war and you should decide which weapon to use at what time. Always move forward according to time and situation.

At last, it is even harder to live than to die but it depends on us how we live it. So, life is not a fairy tale. However, we can make a happy ending if we try.

Thank you!

Deepti Rani Dulal

GEMS, Lalitpur (Ex student)