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Sister, My Angel: Aakankshya Lamichhane


Sister, My Angel: Aakankshya Lamichhane

My sister, my angel you are everything.
To whom I write poems and sing. 
You’re sun shine for me,
In every step of life, you help me to see.

You’re clear like a blooming air,
With whom sorrow and joys, I share.
No one can make me sad,
Until my angel, you feel bad.

You’re my east, west, south and north,
You’re my ocean, sky and the earth. 
You are by my side not letting me feel sad,
When I know that I feel so glad.

You make my life full of light,
By fighting with dark night.
Without feeling any fear,
To keep my eyes away from tears.

Aakankshya Lamichhane
Junior Citizens’ Academy.
Pokhara Lekhnath-26, Kaski