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The Cold Within: Mohammad Nabeel


The Cold Within: Mohammad Nabeel

The charm of innocence,
Glittering the eyes of tot.
Has gone with years,
Which has changed us a lot.

We grow with time,
Committing courtesy and sins.
But what changed us,
Is the cold within.

Man fights for life,
So envy and jealousy.
For power and pride,
Not thinking of generosity.

Long life we wish,
To meet our selfish desires.
But what matters is,
The quality of life till we retire.

We look for power and penny,
Forgetting the creation of nature.
Its beauty and bounty,
And its happy living creature.

What we need is
To go away of the sins,
And have love and care for all
To uproot this bitter cold within.

Mohammad Nabeel (Class X)