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The Dargon Took Me! : Udipta Bohara


The Dargon Took Me! : Udipta Bohara

I was sitting in the terrace of my house with an earphone in my ear and an ipod in my hand. I was enjoying myself a lot with the soft instrumental song. It was evening, the cool and soft breeze was tickling my skin and it felt really nice. As everything was going on too well for anything bad to happen, I saw something pass in front of me. I was a little scared as to what it was but I left the matter thinking it might have been a bird. So, I started humming to myself again. I again felt like something went past me. What was it? Till then I already had the knowledge that it was not as small as a bird would be but not as big as a dragon too. I kept my eyes wider in the hope of finding out what it was. I became careful to get a good look of it as soon as it would pass me. It went by again. Much to my surprise, it looked like a flying small dragon!


That can’t happen. These kinds of things do not exist. Am I in a dream?” These kinds of conflicts hit the wall in my mind. It cannot be a flying dragon, can it? As I was thinking about that, something picked me up by the collar. It was a FLYING DRAGON! Thinking that it was a dream, I slapped myself on the cheeks but it was not. “Is it happening for real?” “How is this even possible?” Its for sure that i’m dreaming.” These thoughts went through my mind all the time. I only remembered the story of the child who had been carried away by an eagle that I once read in my English book. I went on slapping myself at least until I woke up. Then I heard a small voice, more like a talk. I completely stopped what I was doing and tried to find out where the talk was coming from. It was the DRAGON! I didn’t understand what it was saying though. Then I started punching the dragon on its leg. I hit it with more and more force every time. It got tired of flying so it left me. IT LEFT ME!


Ah,I was shouting at the top of my voice. Then something suddenly caught me. It was the same dragon. Oh, wait. No, there were two of its kind. I was glad and shocked at the same time. Then I started beating it. Why am I beating it? I should stop. But if I stop, it will eat me up or feed me to its children. But if I continue beating, it might leave me.Anyway, I continued beating it. It left me again. Then something caught me again. But it was the other one. How many are there? I asked myself. I slapped it on the cheeks as it was a smaller one. It left me again. This was going on for a long time. I wasn’t worried as I knew it would catch me again. But nothing caught me. I was still waiting, but nothing caught me!. I was about to land on the concrete floor. 50 km, 40, 20 , 10 then 15 inches,10 ,5 ,2,1…! I woke up, took a long breath. I was sweating like a pig! I looked around. Then I figured out, I was sleeping in the substitution phase. I was sleeping the whole period. It was an awesome dream though. I loved the climax. I laid my head down to rest. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I opened it again. I looked out of the window. I saw something pass by outside the window. What was it? The same dragon?! Impossible, it was just a dream. But maybe it was the flying dragon. You never know!


Udipta Bohara