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The eleventh hour : Sajal joshi


The eleventh hour : Sajal joshi

I am an eleventh hour person, no matter how much I plan,I
tend to do it only in the last minute. i have realized that my
brain starts working only when I am racing against time. When
I have much time in my hand, my mind does not seem to
concentrate in the task that I am supposed to be doing.
When each exam nears, I start to be nervous as there is
thousands of things to master but very less time in hand.
The same goes with my homework. And I am forced to do my
homework in the oddest of hours.

Then I realize that it would have been better if I had worked
from the beginning. I promise myself that from the next time
I will shake off my past and prepare well in advance.
Well, when all the crises are over, I tend to forget my vows.
And back to the same old me, procrastinating all the tasks and
yet again waiting for the eleventh hour.

I know that this habit of mine is not something to be proud of.
Yet I am forced to say that it works best for me. But I warn
you that the struggle at the eleventh hour is very hard to
bear. All those troubles in the last minute makes my work
better but not the best.

Realising my mistakes from the past, I will try to accomplish
everything in time and free myself from being called a
procastinator in the near future.

Sajal joshi