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The Value of Time in Life: Kiran Yadav


The Value of Time in Life: Kiran Yadav

The time never returns and its wise, judicious and appropriate utilization brings rich dividends to a person. For example, careful utilization of time on studies in young age brings a good career and ensures a plentiful and prosperous livelihood for the rest of the life. Likewise, careful use of time in youth helps a man make a prestigious place for himself in society. It earns him name, fame, and prestige in the society. However, the tragedy is that many of us are unable to utilize the time properly. We perform our jobs haphazardly, miss appointments easily and arrive late for work even if it is important. It is too late for us to learn that time as “the time and tide wait for none.” Therefore, due respect for time rewards us with wealth and success.

When a work is delayed the time which could have been profitable is wasted. Do not forget that quite often we have to pay a very heavy price for delaying things. Delay in the treatment may lead to its worsening. The student who goes on delaying studies never gets time to prepare for the exams and perform badly at the end. A timely action in any direction can lead us to success. This is why the wise often say – “A stitch in time saves nine”.

In our limited period, we have a lot of things to do and therefore it is important to manage our time. We shall be saved from regret, stress, tension, and humiliation only If we feel the importance of time and the dangers of delay.

Kiran Yadav (Class IX)
DAV Jasola, New Delhi, India