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About Us

Creation is an art. Art is a beautiful expression of the reality of human and non-human lives. Art is a part of our life. Life becomes monotonous without it. It adds colours in our life. Similarly, it reveals the reality of humans and gives them relief and relaxation as Robert Henri states, “Art cannot be separated from life. It is the expression of the greatest need, of which life is capable, and we value art because of its revelation of a life’s experience.”  However, the creations of our creators still have not got wide access; their creations are hidden, and even lost. In this context, we felt a need of a bridge that can link the creations with our lives. Merocreation links the creation with life globally.

Although we have many hidden young writers/creators in Nepal, they are behind the curtain. We need to explore such potential young minds, nurture them and give them chance to grow in the garden of creation. Merocreation is a garden that provides such young minds environment to grow, bloom and spread the perfume of their creations.

Merocreation gives such young minds global access to share their creation, get immediate feedback, and read others’ creation critically in order to widen the horizon of their creativity and creation. Keeping this in mind, we started Merocreation since 2012, May.

Peter Altenberg says, “Art is life, life is life, but to lead life artistically is the art of life.”

Here is something more about Merocreation in the video: