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  • Twist of life: Deepika Agrawal

    As I was moving to my school I found a person lying on the ground who was wet in blood but I had no option except to move on. I moved till I could realize it was just a dream but the time I faced the fact reality showed a different face. I moved some

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    A Boy’s Birthday Gift!

    There was once a boy of 16 years’ old who used to keep on asking his father what would you give on his 18th birthday. The Dad used to simply smile and say,” Son, there is almost two years left. First let your 17th birthday finish and we shall plan.” Finally, one year was over

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    A Wise Minister

    Once in a kingdom ruled a king who was fond of horses and owned a thousand horses of the top breed. He was proud of his horses and used to show his horses to every guest that came in his palace. The ministers of the palace were very wise and always thought of the welfare

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