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    COVID Crisis, Children’s Creativity and Publication

    Merocreation organized an online sharing and discussion with school principals on the area of...

    18 September, 2020
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    Fun and All

    Water Formula

    Teacher: Who can tell me the chemical formula of water? Student: It’s H, I,...

    18 September, 2020
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    Liberated Bird:Reeti  K.C.

    I had a friend, who had a bird as pet, She used to keep the poor fellow in a...

    2 November, 2020
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    Inspiring Words

    Education:Sonima Gurung

    If you want to touch the sky, Please get the education. Go on getting knowledge Without any tension. It is...

    25 October, 2017
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    The Last Movie : Nancy Sarraf

    It was the last day of the last goodbye hug, last class and the last time  I saw my block. The last goodbye to teachers and friends, last school bus ride and then the bus stop. As we were going to say goodbye to our school’s life, our school...

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    The Role of Youths in National Development

    The process of bringing positive change in a nation is national development. The positive change refers to the state of progress and improvement. Although different countries have different criteria of development, physical, political and economic progress is the target of every country. Every country wants to develop good infrastructures...

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    My New Year 2069 : Malika Dahal

    New year is always very special because it denotes the beginning of a new phase in a person’s life where he or she can forget the past and move on, set new limits in his or her life and can do the things he or she has never done before and can once again live

    9 April, 2019

    Book Review

    Let’s Visit the Chocolate Factory with Charlie

    Roald Dahl, born in Wales on 13 September 1916, is one of the world’s bestselling authors. He was a British novelist, short story writer, poet, screenwriter and interestingly he also served in the Royal Air Force in World War II. A versatile man, wasn’t he? Dahl has been referred...

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  • Film Review

    The Bicycles Thieves (Reviewed by: Anu Manandhar)

    The film ‘Bicycle Thieves’ is a 1948 Italian neo-realist movie. Directed by Vittorio De Sica and set in Italy, it portrays the life of the common people. It is based on the Italian novel of the same name by Luigi Bartolini. Antonio Ricci is the protagonist of the story. He is a person who haunts

    7 November, 2016

    Academic Resources

    The Role of Youths in National Development

    The process of bringing positive change in a nation is national development. The positive change refers to the state...

    3 October, 2020
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    Non-Academic Resources

    Diwaswopna (दिवास्वप्न)

    (दिवास्वप्न) Diwaswapna ENGLISH (Click here to download- FREE)

    6 January, 2017
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    नेपाली रचना

    विदेशबाट सकिन फिर्न: सदिक्षा ठकुरी

    आँखाको आँसु पुछ्न त खोजेँ सकिन पुछ्नलाई। आउन पनि सक्दिन आमा तिमीलाई ढोक्नलाई।। दिनभरि गर्छु घाममा काम पसिना चरचरी...

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    आमालाई मेरो प्रश्न: समीक्षा ठकुरी

    आमा नौ महिनासम्म तिमीले मलाई यो संसारमा ल्याउन कति समस्याहरुको सामना गर्नु पर्यो त्यो त म आफैँ आमा भएपछि...

       read more  | 15 May, 2020