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  • Joke: Stona shaswot

    One day teacher asked Ram a question. Teacher: what are called people who live in turkey? Ram: I don’t know sir? Teacher: Listen, they called Turks and what are called people of Germany? Ram: They are called germs sir. LOL Collected by: Stona shaswot

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    One day a math teacher asked to Ram Teacher: Ram, Tell me that 2 books+ 2 books= ????? Ram: 4 books sir. Teacher: And 4 books+4 books= ??? Ram: 8 books sir. Teacher: And last question is that 22,13,123books+54,12,876books= ???? Ram: Library sir. Rajina Gurung Class : 8 B Junior Citizens’ Academy  

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    “How to kill an ant?”: Mr. Funny

    This question was asked in an exam for 10 marks. A student wrote the answer this way. Mix chilli powder with sugar and keep it outside the ant’s hole. After eating, the ant will search for some water near a water tank. Push the ant in to it! Now the ant will go to dry

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