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A New Beginning : Nikhil Parakh


A New Beginning : Nikhil Parakh

Life is beautiful, it never seems to end. It keeps showing its true beauty and power until a change occurs.Untill something ends,a new beginning starts.Everyone has to start with a beginning and end it,after ending it they have to start with a new beginning.New beginnings! What are they really?Are they good or are they bad? How to get started with it?

To start with a new beginning is not as simple as you think.It’s a beginning of a new life,new standard of living;forgetting the old momentos,starting with the new ones.Living with new principles of life and many more.When you get started with it you will have to face many obstacles.There will be many ups and downs.In every situation you should not lose your patience,when there are some downs don’t get frustrated because if you struggle you are going to get even higher than before.Our life is like a ball,the harder it bounces the higher it goes.So it’s obvious that it is not that easy to begin with a new life.So when you take decissions be very carefull in every step of your life,because it is you who will take your decissions, and decide your future that wether you will be successful or not.

Opportunity knocks once at the door of every persons life.If you grab it you will be successful,prosperous and will lead a happy life.But if you neglect it you will experience nothing but disappointment,failure and hardship.So never let any opportunity to go,grab it be prosperous,be happy.             

NIKHIL PARAKH                                                    

 D.A.V SCHOOL,