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Mr. Nobody : Samyam Shrestha


Mr. Nobody : Samyam Shrestha

She was always the girl for me. Though not everyone in my life mattered more but she did. She was the perfect girl from every angle. I knew only few people of my neighborhood, only those who were near to me. Though we met only few times and she did not live in my boring society, I knew her pretty well. She changed my life and made me feel that indeed there was somebody for me to make me feel special. I do not communicate too often with people and one day I end up being Mr. No Body. Yes that is what people call me, Mr. No Body. Anyways, this is how I met her.

Today is Monday and the first day of my work. Again woke up at 7, dressed up and had some breakfast all by my own. While eating, I suddenly heard a knock on my door and it was one of my dear friends, Ray.
Hey buddy, congratulation for your new job, said he with a pleasant voice that could be heard all over the house although no one was there.

Ray was a quite slim, tall and dark-haired kind of fellow with an ever-present grin on his face. He always agrees with me and he’s the kind of guy that will be there in your hard times to support you.  Anyways, how did you get a job that was so hard to find?
Well, I don’t know. I first saw a vacancy on a big poster while I was walking down the road, went for interviews and other regularities, you know. Then one day there is a letter in my house stating that I have got the job and I was to start today, said I with proud and boast in my voice. Well you must admit the fact that I work at Techno- Pro, the most popular and best job anybody can get.
Hey, can I drop you at your new office in my sedan so that I could get a look at your workshop, said Ray.
Sure, said I while starting to leave the house by carrying my official bag.
His car was a new Sedan of creamy brown color with black seats. I still couldn’t believe how he could have afforded it but he said that he earned it and I trusted him. Because that’s what friendship works on, trust.
It was a beautiful day with the sun shining brightly and all of that. I was already in the office and was waiting for the boss to arrive any minute and give as well as explain my new work.
While waiting anxiously, there were some rushing feet outside and in came a man who had brownish hair, a bit fat body with spectacles and a very expensive and shiny black coat, shoes and pants showing he was of high standard. Good morning gentleman, I am David Lawrence and I’m your boss. You are working at the most successful organization of all time. In here we design technologies and build them which are far better and useful than the present ones. As you know this is Pro not the other two branches we have that is Amateur or Begin so no mistakes will be taken into consideration and you might as well be fired. You work in the designing and information group and Mr. Harold here will tell you the rest. Any questions to be asked?
“No sir”, I said.
What? Boss not sir mined it, said the boss and left the room promptly as anyone could.
Mr. Harold explained me the work and rest of the day me and my colleagues tried to design a new bike motor for Suzuki.
It was 7 when I reached home and I was as hungry as a grizzly bear that did not get anything to eat for a week or so. I walked into the kitchen and saw the unwashed dishes of the morning. At that moment I really wished for someone to be there and who merely served me dinner when I got home. Even though I was hungry, I did not eat as I was very much tired and instantly fell to sleep wishing goodnight to myself.
Early the next day I again woke up at 7, dressed up and had some breakfast. Hurriedly I went to the station to catch the train and I was exactly on time when I reached my office. Though I was early, everyone was already present there and they had already started working. Today the task of creating some new ideas for bikes were given to us and the only thing I could think of the whole day was seatbelts for bike riders.
The day was finally over. Same time every day the same routine went on for about a week when out of the blue something happened to me. A new employee had come to our department and it was a she.
She walked in nervously and looked at every one of us until she saw me staring at her. Immediately, I went to her and asked if she could work with me. It didn’t take even a second for her to say yes. She was the most beautiful creation of God that I had ever seen. (Even though I didn’t believe in God) She had blackish brown hair just like mine, fair skin and she was my same height. That day was the best boring day of work. When all were working I was just staring at her until she noticed and asked me what I was doing. When it was time to go home, I saw her on the street.
Hey, want to go out with me someday? I asked with courage.
Sure, I am Kate Morgan by the way, said she with a pleasant smile.
And I am Sam Miller, said I with a smile.
Well it’s a pleasure to meet you Sam, said she.
Then I dropped her at her place every day (which was a room in some cheap place) on Ray’s Sedan for the next week until I asked her out on our day off and she readily agreed to go with me.
We went to a carnival where I slipped and she treated me gently with her soft hands. Then to the restaurant and then finally to my house where Ray was already present.
Hey Ray, meet the new employee I was talking with you earlier, said I while looking at her dark brown eyes.
It’s a pleasure to meet you Kate, he has been going on about you for nearly a week. I am Ray his one and only best friend, said her while noticing that Kate and I were both staring at each other. Well there is no food in the house and I am hungry.
Me too. we both said in unison and looked at the kitchen. I’ll go to the store and get some food, okay. said Ray and left with only the two of us left in the room.
When Ray got back we were both sound asleep with Kate resting her head on my shoulder. When we I woke up in the morning Kate had already made breakfast for both of us and since she was also alone in the city of Arizona, I decided that she should come over and stay at my house which would save her some money from the rent and I would have someone to give me company. She agreed about it after thinking a while and we both went to work together where everyday a new task was assigned to us.
Every day we get back from work and cook something for each other. Even though I was tired, she was not and she would make me feel fresh and energetic again. Every day of my life did not start with sunshine but it started with something that was far better than that, it was her smile. She would always smile and say good morning in a tone that would make me as if I was in wonderland.
Sometimes Ray picked us up and sometimes we took the train. Where ever and how ever I was there with her and she was there with me. I have always liked her and by the looks of her eyes, I know that she feels just the way I do about her.
It was already two years that we have lived together when I thought it was time to move on. Finally picking up courage and being motivated by Ray, I asked her what was her thought about marriage. She was then silent for few days and didn’t even concentrate in her work as if she was thinking about something which would have meant life or death to her. Then after three days she came to me to talk.
Are you ready for what you had asked me? she said as if asking my approval for something.
Yes and I will support you in no matter whatever decision you make. I said approvingly.
Okay then, I’m ready for our marriage, said she without even hesitating.
Now after few years of our marriage, we are multi billionaires living together with Ray visiting quite frequently and always congratulating us for our success. We now own a big house with few cars and bikes all motors which are designed by us and even some cars in whose designs we have given some valuable suggestions. Everybody in the whole state knows us as ‘rich and perfect couples. We now don’t go to work but own it. David Lawrence, whom I used to call boss now calls me sir. Although we are happy now, I know that there are many important choices and decisions to be made in the upcoming future and I am ready for them.
Well this is how a single person influenced my life so much and from our first sight till now she has encouraged me to make the right decisions which could as if have meant life or death.
Still after all this success, money and power, I glance back at the times when I was called Mr. No Body and in fact, I was Mr. No Body at that time.

Samyam Shrestha

GEMS School,

Dhapakhel, Lalitpur