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Online Publication: an Alternative to Print Media


Online Publication: an Alternative to Print Media

MeroCreation organized an interaction on the topic “the role of online publication in the promotion of children language and literature” on 25th August 2012.

In the interaction among language experts, literary figures, language teachers, and experts working for children, they emphasized the online publication as the potential alternative to print media. The major advantage of online publication as highlighted by them is its instant publications and feedback. Children can get their creation published quickly and get instant feedback from the readers, which helps them see the gaps in their creation and encourages them to keep writing/creating that ultimately makes them good writers/creators. It is also agreed that literature is the effective way of improving children’s language, creativity and their analytical power.

Children are greatly creative. They can write/create things beyond our imagination. But they are not getting right platform to exhibit their creativity and get encouragement. The participants emphasized the role of language teachers and of course guardians to motivate them to write/create, publish and read analytically. And such online publication can be a good platform for today’s children as the internet is very popular among them.