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Beauty of Nepal: Rasmita Gurung


Beauty of Nepal: Rasmita Gurung

Nepal is small, landlocked and himalayan country. It lies in Asia between two big countries china and India.Nepal is full of natural beauties.There are many natural resources.Nepal is green and appealing country.
Geographically, Nepal is divided into three regions;Himalayan region, Hilly region and Terai region.The total area of Nepal is 1,47,181 square kilometer. Though it have less area it is rich in natural beauties.The highest peak of the world Mount Everest lies in Nepal. Nepal is the motherland of Lord Gautam Buddha and ideal Sita and so on.
The climatic condition and other things in Nepal are differ from place to place and region to region.The climatic condition of Himalayan region is very cold,hilly region has moderate climate and terai region is very hot and dry.Nepal is the beautiful garden of four castes and thirty-six sub castes.The Terai region of Nepal is known as Grain house of Nepal.
Every year many tourists visit Nepal because of beauty of it which helps to uplift the economic status of the country.
Though Nepal is very small it is rich in natural beauties.
Rasmita Gurung

Class 8 B
Junior Citizens’ Academy
Pokhara Lekhnath-26,Budhibazar,Kaski,Nepal

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