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Books: Aakankshya Lamichhane


Books: Aakankshya Lamichhane

To books we all used to read,

Which make our life to grow fast like seeds.

It teaches us how to become neat,

Which makes our heart , mind pure and clean.


By reading it new new things we learn,

Which make our life very fast to run.

To our life it provide light,

And help to make totally bright.


It helps to learn good things,

Which makes our life easy like life of kings.

Books never turn or become old,

Like toys to whom we love and hold.


It gives us knowledge,

Like we used to get in college.

I am always grateful to you books,

I wish all could read you.



Aakankshya Lamichhane

Class 9

Junior Citizens’ Academy

Pokhara, Nepal