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  • Human; ha, One of the Worst Creatures! : Pranjal Neupane

    We are humans, the so-called intelligent creature. But are we so intelligent? Ask this question to yourself. Are you intelligent enough to be called an intelligent creature? Hope I don’t have to explain you the meaning of intelligent creature. We gave that title to ourselves. Some drunken guy must have called himself intelligent. Then onwards,

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    The eleventh hour : Sajal joshi

    I am an eleventh hour person, no matter how much I plan,I tend to do it only in the last minute. i have realized that my brain starts working only when I am racing against time. When I have much time in my hand, my mind does not seem to concentrate in the task that

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    A New Beginning : Nikhil Parakh

    Life is beautiful, it never seems to end. It keeps showing its true beauty and power until a change occurs.Untill something ends,a new beginning starts.Everyone has to start with a beginning and end it,after ending it they have to start with a new beginning.New beginnings! What are they really?Are they good or are they bad?

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