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Human; ha, One of the Worst Creatures! : Pranjal Neupane


Human; ha, One of the Worst Creatures! : Pranjal Neupane

We are humans, the so-called intelligent creature. But are we so intelligent? Ask this question to yourself. Are you intelligent enough to be called an intelligent creature? Hope I don’t have to explain you the meaning of intelligent creature. We gave that title to ourselves. Some drunken guy must have called himself intelligent. Then onwards, humans call themselves intelligent. Can anyone answer me why humans are called intelligent?

I honestly think we are the worst creature ever. We have an advantage over other creature. But we used the same advantage to destroy the life of other living beings including ourselves. We are so intelligent that we are working to destroy our living place, the earth. We are so intelligent that we are ready to destroy anything that comes on our way instead of trying to solve it peacefully. Nowadays we are so intelligent that we fight with our own brothers and sisters for the property of our parents for which we have done nothing to own. We fight with same brothers with whom we once played and enjoyed our childhood. We are so intelligent that we kick our parents out (who gave birth and took care of us). We still think we are intelligent. That’s just an illusion. Looking at all these worse activities of ours, we are to be called one of the worst creatures on the earth.

People never seem to get satisfied. From Stone Age we evolved to some other ages. We started planting, hunting, killing, loving and blah blah blah. Now we are at modern age, what I call the destructive age. Do you know what’s ruling at this age? It’s dissatisfaction, our greatest enemy. Ask yourself, are you satisfied? If your answer is yes then give yourself a tight slap because you are lying. We are humans; we can never be satisfied. It’s human nature. It’s not your fault that you are dissatisfied. It’s fault of being an intelligent creature! We want more. Nowadays the only thing we want less is education. Not everyone wants to wake up early in the morning and go to school or college and study late night but want more marks. Not everyone wants to go to office, work honestly and listen to their boss (if they are the boss then that’s a different case) but we want more money.

Now money is an interesting thing. Check your pocket. How much money do you have? Human are so intelligent. They introduced money to make their life easier but it’s because of the same money which has made our life even complex. Nowadays, the money you have, defines your prestige not the education. We are intelligent but in a foolish way. True king is that person who earns the title of king with his deserving work, not just by being the eldest son of a king. Similarly, we must prove to earn the title of intelligent creature by working intelligently not just by giving it to ourselves. We might be intelligent enough to build a house but we are not intelligent enough to build a family. Cheers to being one of the worst creatures on the earth!

Pranjal Neupane