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  • Dark Art:Mohammad Nabeel

    I am dying in this tranquility. The immense stillness is going to overwhelm me.
    It all started with a competition. I came for a drawing competition. I started my work and was just going to paint when I recalled that I had forgotten water for my paint. I asked for where I could get some water and I was directed to go upstairs and fetch water from the tap. I went upstairs and reached for the tap. To the left the staircase was a room whose door was ajar. I peeped inside and saw a canvas which was distinctly placed in the empty room. Intrigued by the freaky nature of the room I made my way towards the canvas. I took a glance at the canvas. There were some bold strokes of black paint which were not at all special and queer, yet they interested me. The hostile blackness of the strokes had a horrifying deepness in them. I was frozen with a fear I did not yet recognize. I tried to touch the canvas and whoosh !!
    I was in a room, or rather a hall of all I can recall after touching the canvas. I couldn’t see the walls or the ceiling of the hall. It went across as far as my eyes could see.
    And then I saw the same canvas and again I touched it. This time fortunately, it lead me back to the room and I hurried off downstairs. But something was eerie about the whole floor. And soon I realised that the whole school was empty. No sign of life seemed to be there.
    And now i am still there in the still school waiting for a ray of hope. But who knows who will come or maybe no one…….!
    Mohammad Nabeel

    Class X
    DAV Jasola, New Delhi, India

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