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Earth:Sapana Sharma


Earth:Sapana Sharma

The mother earth, only planet with life
Plants, animals, insects, and birds where survive,
We care her not though we should
Destroying all for our own good.

She gave us food, shelter and air
The home for us now full of fear,
Fresh air, green earth, water so clean
It was so long ago that seems like a dream.

The soil once pure is full of dust
No water to drink, we are dying with thrust,
Air to breathe we filled smoke and foul
Left no land for food growing with the empty bowl.

Before it’s too late to hear the earth’s cry
We should find the way out, all should try,
Life exists only with what the earth gives
Join hands together, protect earth so we all live.

Sapana Sharma
Class: 9 A
Junior Citizens’ Academy
Pokhara Lekhnath- 26, Kaski