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The generation of electric battery using potato


The generation of electric battery using potato


Actually, nature is very weird and you can find lots of things in it, which are very interesting and worthy. There are so many things, which look simple but have a very important role in our daily life. One of the simple and very interesting things that we can do at home is to prepare an electric battery using potatoes!

You might have listened about this but wouldn’t have tried it out. Now you can try it out yourselves. Simply follow the procedures given below:


  1. Take fresh potatoes, two metal plates (e.g. copper, zinc) or nails, two pieces of conducting wire, multimeter and string as per need.

  2. Insert the metal nails or plates inside the potato and connect it to the digital multi-meter or ammeter and voltmeter (multimeter) to measure the voltage or current.

  3. Then join one each end of two conducting wires to electrodes and others end to the bulb.

  4. If you wish to make the battery more powerful now, slice the potatoes into many pieces and tie them so as to make a single one and repeat the procedure 2 again.

Photo courtesy by: MiniScience.com


  1. For the remote areas where there are enough potatoes.

  2. For the students interested in science projects.


The production of electricity is possible from the potatoes because they contain the chemicals which act as electrolyte and the metal nails or plates inserted act as electrodes. Now the whole system is a chemical cell. So that a fresh potato itself is an electrolyte.

By Narayan Gyawali (Shrawan)

If you have more queries about this or other science facts and experiments please contact at naran.gywli@gmail.com