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Get Him a Doctor : Nabin Adhikari


Get Him a Doctor : Nabin Adhikari

There were many passengers in the bus. Among them were a father and his 16 years son who were sitting in the middle row of the bus. Looking at their get ups, one could clearly figure out that they were from the middle class.

The son was sitting on the window side and the father was sitting beside him. There were some other people sitting around them and listening their talks. The boy was looking out through window.

Suddenly he shouted,” Dad see the trees are going behind.” The dad looked at him and smiled, while the others sitting near them were puzzled to see the childish behaviour of a 16 years old boy.

Again he exclaimed, “Dad the clouds are moving with us.”

The old man sitting nearby couldn’t stop himself and said to the boy’s father, “Why don’t you take your son to a good doctor?”

The dad simply gave a big smile to the man and said, “My friend, we are just returning from the hospital.”

The old man became surprised and asked, “Then why is he acting so weird?”

The man again smiled and replied gently, “My friend my son was blind since the birth. We are from the middle class family and could not afford to plant eyes in his childhood. It took us sixteen years to make money to plant his eyes and he got his eyes just yesterday.”

Nabin Adhikari
GEMS, Lalitpur