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Gloomy Day: Reeti K.C.


Gloomy Day: Reeti K.C.

The window of my room was opened and a chilly wind was blowing. I was wrapped in blanket; air phone in my ears and lost in my own world, sometimes peering at the clock to check the time. When it was 6:15 am, I woke up; departing from my world of fantasies and my Shangri-la. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and went to dress up for school. I had joined extra classes in the morning so I had to reach school early. After I dressed up, I had my breakfast and hurried to reach my bus stop. When I went out to wear my shoes, saw my dog, Flash; a white male Lhasa Apso. He was aged and had hair over his eyes. According to mom, due to his old age, he even had weak eyesight. He used to sit in front of our door. It had been a decade we had had him as a pet. I had shared all my good as well as bitter times with him. So, as I was saying, I went to wear my shoes, carried my bag, bid farewell to Flash and went to my bus stop.

In school, the usual thing happened like hastily writing diary work before sir signs it, going for prefect duty, doing class work of various periods and so on. That day was 5th August, 2011, Friday and on the last period I was overjoyed as the next day was Saturday and it was a holiday. Well on holidays, I could sleep for more time than usual. Due to morning classes, I hadn’t been able to get proper sleep and Saturday was the only day off. Well to speak the truth, I am a lazy girl, I sleep late at night, and that is the reason of feeling 6:15 am very early to wake up. So, after the last period, I attended the afternoon assembly gleefully, got into my bus and had a fine chitchat with my friends. According to me, Friday is my unlucky day as every bad thing happens to me on this day like getting sick, getting hit by balls, falling down etc but it had stopped so I actually didn’t care about it.

When I got down in my bus stop, I saw my dad on the other side of the road. I crossed the road and went to him. Actually, my parents are too much concerned about me and come to pick me up though I am old enough. We went on foot till my house. When entered my house, I sensed the absence of Flash. I had never felt that way. I never used to notice him but that moment; it was as if he was especially highlighted. That feeling was so different like something was wrong but I didn’t know what. When I was about to climb the stairs, I saw Flash’s neck belt. I was surprised as it always used to be in his neck. I was perplexed. I didn’t ask my dad then but while climbing the stairs, I asked him, “Dad, where is Flash?” He replied, “He was hit by a car”. I didn’t believe him, because dad was always joking but still my heart sunk. I didn’t know what was making it go heavier with every step I took.

I went to my room, still with no words to say. Then I went to the bathroom to freshen up, there I cried. I didn’t know why, but I cried. After crying for some time, I came out and tried to console myself. I went to the kitchen where my mom was preparing dinner. I repeated the question that I had asked dad because I was not convinced with his answer. “Mom, where is Flash?” Somewhere deep inside me I happen to know the answer. Then she replied, “He is sick and sleeping downstairs”. I didn’t know why but I knew that was not true. I went to the window and looked downstairs. Then my dad came and asked my mom, “Shall we bury him?”. It was then those words gave a new meaning to me. Tears started flowing down my eyes. I couldn’t control myself. I cried and my mom consoled me. I didn’t want tears to stop falling. I wanted to say them to flow as much as they want and take my sorrows away. After that, the whole time I was upset thinking about Flash. He was hit by a car and had lost his life. The whole ten years spent with him came in my mind as flashbacks. It was the first time I had experienced the feeling of losing someone. I have written tragedy and emotional stories but had never faced it in my life.

That day it had rained heavily. I think even nature was crying to lose such a wonderful dog. He was not only a dog; he was like a family member; me, mom, dad, sister and Flash. He had already been attached in our small family. I remember the day when we brought him. I was studying in U.K.G. and running to home from school in the excitement to see him and exactly 10 years later. I was coming home from school and sensing his absence was heartbreaking. These two moments are same but the only difference is the absence of Flash. I had mentioned that Friday was not so bad anymore but after this everything changed. Now Friday is the worst day. Still I hurriedly close the door so that Flash won’t sneak out, leave him food and only then I realize that he is not there. Trust me; this is the worst feeling in the whole world.

Reeti KC

GEMS, Lalitpur