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Hello Mr. Mathematics: Sakshi Sharda


Hello Mr. Mathematics: Sakshi Sharda

Hello Mr. Mathematics,

Why are you always enthusiastic?

And it seems you are dramatic.

Since I am a student,

I feel you are nuisance

as I for eternity faced an ailment.

I spend most of my treasured time with you,

hoping that you will give me some clue,

but you always threw me from your view.

It creates confusion, as I just begin doing a solution,

instead of fraction, I start visualizing about my passion.

We try to have friendship with you,

again and again,

but it seems you are a spoilt man,

who is never ready to help now and then.

I donna€™t actually understand why people created such things,

which plays with our outgoings,

and creates different feeling even regarding teaching.

So, hello Mr. Mathematics!

You better get lost in your own dream,

and let us watch a pleasurable film.

Sakshi Sharda

D.A.V. School, Lalitpur

Class X