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I’m a different woman than you think! : Prerana Kattel


I’m a different woman than you think! : Prerana Kattel

“Who do you think you are, girl?”

A guy classmate of mine,

blew this to me after finishing his 

all the proper logics to win

in an argument, 

When I was 14. 

My entire body burned with displeasure

But I couldn’t utter a single word. 

But now I have

Plentiful of words to reply that question

Or whatever. 

Not a tirade, 

but plentiful of words. 

I am a woman, 

you shouldn’t necessarily know 

who I am. 

And also, 

I am a woman

You wouldn’t love

After knowing who I am. 

Because I am a woman, 

Who doesn’t fit into the 

societal ‘womanly’ abstract.

I fight for what I deserve,

‘Compromising’ is not my term. 

Don’t mistake me

As someone who’s innocent, 

Just by looking at my face, 

I am not. 

I can manifest each intention 

Of your glance at my body,

With the words that

might not even exist in your dictionary. 

I am a woman,

Who grows sunflowers in her skin 

Has the universe in her mind. 

Who wears scars,

with pride in her heart. 

Who wears the storm in her lips, 

And who inhales every bit of sunshine, 

In each next drink of self-love she sips. 

I am a woman, 

Who  has her own stories 

Of traumas and anxieties.

I am a woman, 

Who has loved so much and has 

Even traded her own happiness

To see smiles on others’ faces.

And yet, 

I carry all the love in my heart. 

I’m a woman, 

who loves herself most.

And always puts herself first. 


I was barred by aphonia,

When my classmate made fun of me

In front of the whole class when I was 14. 

But hey!, come to me now and ask me the same thing. 

I’ve plenty of words to explain myself if you want to listen. 

I just hope you come with enough fortitude to burn yourself!!

—Prerana Kattel