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Liberated Bird:Reeti  K.C.


Liberated Bird:Reeti  K.C.

I had a friend, who had a bird as pet,

She used to keep the poor fellow in a net.

It used to cry all day long,

And my friend used to call it a song.

Yes, song it was, song for liberty,

Mourning and screaming just for liberty.

I saw pain in the eyes of the little bird,

It was easy to know as solving a surd.

I couldn’t get why my friend didn’t see it,

Though all day long she used to look at it.

Curse that soul, who couldn’t see the pain,

Saying that fellow human is a vain.

So, one day I sneaked into her to open the nest,

As it flew, I wished all the best.

When my friend knew, she felt really bad,

But I didn’t regret, as the bird was very glad.

Reeti  K.C.
Class: 9