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  • Martyr’s Ambition: Yogendra Luitel

    I fought for my friends, I was glad to fight.

    I fought for my nation and for our right.

    I fought for everyone and did my duty.

    To protect my country’s prestige and beauty.

    I sacrificed my life for my dear motherland.

    I’m glad to be dead and buried in my country’s sand.

    I fought against the people who were against my nation.

    That was my aim, hobby and of course my passion.

    I was very glad for the sacrifice I had.

    But the country’s condition makes me very sad.

    Why aren’t the people looking after our motherland?

    For which we didn’t hesitate to lose our head or hand.

    O selfish people give something for country & change your mind!

    Don’t only think of yourself, try to be kind.

    Please protect our motherland and do good.

    This is the thing I wished to do I if could.  

    Yogendra luitel

    Class VIII

    GEMS, Lalitpur

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