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A Visit to Pokhara: Sambridhi Mathema


A Visit to Pokhara: Sambridhi Mathema

Traveling means visiting different places to collect information or for entertainment. Travelling broadens our mind. So we should travel to different places. I had once visited Pokhara in my class nine’s winter vacation with my parents.

We woke up early that day. We had already packed our things the day before. We planned to go there by our own car. So we had plenty of time and did not had to hurry up. We ate our breakfast and started our journey at 10 o clock. We could see such beautiful sceneries and rivers on our way. We were about to reach to Pokhara when a long traffic jam in the highway stopped us. We were stuck there for three hours. Finally the jam opened and we went again. When we reached there it was 8 o clock. We stayed in a hotel and had our dinner.

The next day we woke up early. We could see such a beautiful scene of mount Macchapuchre and Annapurna .We went to the Bindabhasini temple which was in such a height. We had a relative staying in Pokhara so we went there and had out lunch. We enjoyed a lot. In the afternoon we planned to go to visit all the wonderful places of Pokhara. I even took along my sister who was staying in Pokhara. We didn’t have much trouble finding the way because my sister was there with us. We first went to Mahendra cave. I was a bit frightened as I had never ever gone inside a cave before but when I went inside there was nothing to fear about. We could see idols of different gods inside the cave. Fortunately there were lamps in the way and there were no bats. After that we planned to go to Devi’s falls which is a great waterfall out there. So we went there. It was such a beautiful thing to see and the water fall was so deep that we couldn’t see it from our eyes. Then my sister told that there was a new cave named Gupteshwor cave which reached right down to the foot of the waterfall. I was really excited to go there. We went there. To my surprise the cave was 100 ft down from the ground. It was really hard to breathe out there due to lack of oxygen. We were there in the foot of the great waterfall. My heart felt pleased. We also visited different museums among which the best one was Annapurna museum.

The next day we planned to spend the whole day in the lakeside of Phewa taal. So we went there and had our breakfast. Then I told my father that we should go to ride the boat. We went to the temple which was right in the middle of the Phewa taal. That temple was called Taal Barahi. I was a bit scared as it was the first time I was sitting in a boat. I really didn’t realize that it was already dark. We had such a wonderful day. The next day we had to return back to Kathmandu.

I really didn’t want to return but there was no choice. It was such a wonderful experience going out there. I wish to go there again and again. Pokhara really is a place full of natural beauties.

Sambridhi Mathema

Class: 10 ‘D’

GEMS, Lalitpur