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  • My Friend: Sabita Magar

    Oh, my friend where are you?
    I have something to tell you.

    You’re helpful, kindful and truthful
    You made my life just fun and cool.

    You showed me the path of right,

    I thanked you to make my future bright.

    You’re so loving and caring
    Otherwise, I don’t keep sharing.

    You’re the one whom I can trust
    And made my life free from dust.

    We love and care each other
    Enjoyed a lot and played together.

    I thought you would be my right guide
    And walk with me side by side.

    You never made me to cry
    That’s way, you are my greatest pride.

    Sabita Magar
    Class: 9’A’
    Junior Citizens’ Academy.
    Pokhara Lekhnath-26, Kaski

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