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  • My New Year 2069 : Malika Dahal

    New year is always very special because it denotes the beginning of a
    new phase in a person’s life where he or she can forget the past and
    move on, set new limits in his or her life and can do the things he or she
    has never done before and can once again live their life to the fullest.
    New Years are always very special. People enjoy it in several ways: they
    go to parties or just enjoy with their friends and families and make it a
    memorable night but this time; my New Year was a little different. A
    few days before New Year, my parents and I decided to visit Pokhara
    and that’s where we spent our New Year.
    We went to Pokhara by bus which took 5 hrs to reach there. The next
    day was New Year, so we decided to rest that day and just strolled
    around the city for a while. We stayed in a hotel situated in the lakeside
    of Pokhara and enjoyed the busy night life there.Tragically, as my dad
    had some important things to do , we could not stay in Pokhara for
    more than three days.So, the next day, we had to woke up early in the
    morning as we had many places to visit that day.First of all we visited
    the Bindabashini temple that morning and after that,we went to
    Sarangkot.Sarangkot is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been
    to, it is such a beautiful place at such a great height where the sun set
    and sunrise is seen more beautifully than you can ever imagine.Though
    we couldn’t see it for ourselves,we could just as well imagine how good
    it could be. After this we visited the Mahendra Gufa which was a lot
    darker than I imagined it to be.After that, our next stop was the Cave of
    bats where the cave is full of bats hanging upside down. The cave was
    creepy and it also had such a narrow opening that we had to crawl to get
    out of there. My brother’s old school also happened to be near that place
    so we also visited his old school. Thank god we had a guide with us who
    was taking us to all of these beautiful places of Pokhara otherwise I

    think we could have got lost inside both of these caves .Feeling hungry,
    we finally sat down at some restaurant and had our breakfast .As we had
    to go back to Kathmandu the next day ,we decided to visit all the places
    as fast as we could. Devi’s fall and the Fewa lake were the last stops on
    our list as we didn’t have much time .On the way we also went to the
    Seti bridge where we could see the river flowing. It was quite dangerous
    below the bridge as the river was flowing very fast but the Devi’s fall
    was much more dangerous. It was flowing with a great amount of
    pressure and we could see the holes made in the rocks outside of the
    cave due to the high pressure of the water. Our last stop, the Fewa lake
    was the place I enjoyed the most during the whole trip. We stayed there
    the whole evening and also rowed across the lake to reach the temple
    situated in the middle of the lake. That day ,there was a concert in the
    lake side of Pokhara on the occasion of New Year but sadly we couldn’t
    go there as we were all very tired so we just went back to our hotel.
    This is how I celebrated my New Year of 2069. This was a very
    memorable trip for me as I found the place very enjoyable and peaceful
    and at the same time filled with all kinds of natural beauties. The only
    New Year resolution that I made this time was that if I ever go on a trip
    out of the valley I’m going to make sure that I go in the trip at least for a
    week and not less.

    Malika Dahal

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