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Save our earth: Sambridhi Subedi


Save our earth: Sambridhi Subedi

Oh papa! Oh mama! 
Oh brother! Oh sister!

My request is to everyone,
Please save my motherland.
Save our earth with love & care.

I see garbage everywhere,
I feel that people don’t care.
I hear my motherland crying with fear.
And I fear that she might soon disappear!

Environment is becoming bad.
I feel so much sad.

Everyone must cooperate,
Before it’s going to be late.

Let’s avoid Corona like disease.
By making the environment good, please!

Plant the trees, instead of industry
Bring back the earth beauty,
Don’t make it a history!!

– Sambridhi Subedi, Grade- 4’A’ 
Navodaya Shishu Sadan Boarding School