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One of my classmates! : Sakshi Sarda


One of my classmates! : Sakshi Sarda


The dark night, the very silent one,
Felt like someone forthcoming, wearing a cone.
Came slowly, at a distance with a sweet hum,
An awkward feeling somewhat troublesome,
Just turned behind and there was one.

With a lofty hat, creamy face, spectacles on the nose,
A jeans from chest to down, looks a bothersome boss.
The tie on the elbow and socks in the hand,
Speaking in the air-‘yes am in the land’,
I approached to the tremendous gate,
Miracle, One of my classmates!

He turned to me, asking-‘where’re you?’
and I replied-‘I’m in Kathmandu.’
Rubbing his creamy eyes,
to feel the present and the truth.
Found that he was in the sleep,
so walked till the telephone booth.

Sakshi sarda