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The Last Movie : Nancy Sarraf


The Last Movie : Nancy Sarraf

It was the last day of the last goodbye hug, last class and the last time  I saw my block. The last goodbye to teachers and friends, last school bus ride and then the bus stop. As we were going to say goodbye to our school’s life, our school had organized a farewell program.  At the end, we took photos and then came a quick plan in my best buddy’s mind. The quick plan was to go for a movie. The last movie that we all would see together. We all took the tickets from the counter and then were entering the hall. I went from the mass to buy popcorn so that we would enjoy the movie by eating as well.  I was about to enter the hall but I couldn’t. In fact, I couldn’t even enter the entrance of the hall. Something strange happened. When I was about to enter the hall a cartoon-like creature held my hands tightly. It held my hands so tightly that I couldn’t move and it carried and pushed me in its van. I was surprised to see that the villain of a cartoon that my brother used to watch had kidnapped me. I was kidnapped. The cartoon’s name was Phineas and Ferb (American Animated Series) and the cartoon character who had kidnapped me was Doofensmirch(the villain).He kept me safe even not tying my legs and hands, kept in the room which had all delicious food items, T.V, fridge, computer, mobile. The room was quite strange. IN that room, I heard something that was unbelievable. There was  my pet dog Tom who is  a secret agent who did a lot of work. I was quite shocked to hear this but I solved the mystery of why Tom used to vanish every time and used to appear any time. I was quite happy to know this.

 After a few days, I don’t know what happened but Doofensmirth left me outside my house giving me a cruel smile. I quickly went to my room and searched for Tom here and there as I wanted to give him congratulations. But then my mother came and I asked her where Tom was;  she said that Doofensmirth asked Tom for my release and Tom did what Doofensmirth wanted. Tom gave his life for my sake. I felt very shocked and didn’t know how to react. After that feeling of shock I felt a feeling of push in my back. I was happy to know that this was nothing but just a dream and to see my pet Tom sleeping at my side.  



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