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The Most Memorable Day of My Life: Kunal Shah


The Most Memorable Day of My Life: Kunal Shah

Our life is never a free flowing river with no obstacles. Our life is not always like a spring with bright and blue sky. Rather it also experiences the dark clouds of the monsoon and twirls and swirls of dangerous river. There are some incidents in our life which are like the stain of pickle on a white cloth. No matter how much we try to wash, it never goes. In my mind also there is a memory which is impossible to erase. I got this stain of happy memory after the disastrous Koshi river flood. It was the day when the first Democratic Prime minister of Nepal took his oath.

A call came from my hometown Dharan that the dam on the Koshi River was collapsed and most of the area of Sunsari including my ancestral village Laukahi had been engulfed by the mighty Koshi. Everyone in my family was panic-stricken and we switched on the television and saw the enormous destruction caused by the flood. Suddenly my father started trembling when he remembered about our house and my uncle who was spending his vacation there. He frantically phoned my uncle but there was no answer. We were extremely terrified. Everyone in my family thought that uncle had been swept away by the flood as he didn’t contact us even after seven days of missing. My grandparents couldn’t stop crying and with the flood in our eyes we started preparing for the final rites of his death.
Exactly on the eight day of the incident there was a knock at the door. My sister opened the door and she screamed. We also went to the door and couldn’t believe our eyes. There he was! My uncle in ragged cloth was standing in front
of us.

I was so happy at the sight that I started crying and hugged him so tightly so as to keep him from getting away from us. Everyone in my family was sobbing. Later on he said that a branch of a tree saved his life. He managed to hold the branch of a tree which allowed him not to drown.That was the happiest day of my life. I felt extremely thrilled on hearing his miraculous escape from the jaws of death. I thanked the god and especially thanked that tree

Kunal Shah
GEMS, Lalitpur