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The Role of Youths in National Development


The Role of Youths in National Development

The process of bringing positive change in a nation is national development. The positive change refers to the state of progress and improvement. Although different countries have different criteria of development, physical, political and economic progress is the target of every country. Every country wants to develop good infrastructures for living the standard lifestyle. They want to be politically sound and want to influence other countries and the world as a whole. To meet these criteria, the country needs to be economically strong. Hence, economic progress is one of the most essential agenda of every country.

Development is the basic criterion of every nation as nobody wants to go backward or remain the same. Everybody wants progress, growth, improvement and achievement in their lives. Humans by nature are change loving creatures. So they want or at least think of making positive changes in their lives. When there is development in the lives of people, the country itself gets developed. It is not the country but the people of it who bring progress and improvement in the country. All people living in the country are responsible for its welfare. Among them the youths are the powerful agent of change.

Generally speaking, youths are the group of people between the children and old people. This is the productive group of people, who can put a lot of physical and mental effort in the work they do. This group of people is physically strong, mentally sound, socially legal and are considered the matured group to do any matured work in society. The youth age is the peak age to do something for themselves, nation and the world as a whole. This is the age having energy, vigour (mental energy, passion and determination), willpower, activeness, confidence, courage. If this can be properly used in the welfare of the country, the country can get a good track of development.

Development cannot be brought overnight. It needs determined and devoted hands with perseverance in a systematic work plan. And the youths are the ones who can work tirelessly to get the things done. They can give more time and effort and can work efficiently than other groups of people. It does not mean we do not need other groups of people in the national development. Everyone can contribute from their own place for the welfare of the nation. The senior people are experienced and have more expertise on their field. They need to share such experience and expertise to the youths and nurture in them the culture of respecting the labour. The youths are the working group of people in every nation. In other words, they are the independent population, who can/should earn their living themselves. Furthermore, there is another population like their family members who are dependent on them. Similarly, the nation also seeks the effort of them in its development.

Of course, the youths are doing something for the development of their country. However, this is still not enough. The nation needs new methods of doing the things. It needs new invention and innovation to go forward. It is the youth who can bring such newness in the work we do. So, the youths need to think on how to produce better products and provide better services to the nation and the globe so that the nation can earn name and fame and be economically strong.

There is an upward trend of youths leaving their country and going abroad is very serious. The youths are leaving the nation for two reasons. One group is leaving for studying, working and living there and another group is leaving to sell their labour and earn money. If our youths work for other countries then who works for our country? So, the government needs to create a working environment for the youths in our own country. Moreover, there should be some provision of bringing the experienced, technical people and experts to our country to contribute in the development. On the other hand, the youths also need to change their mentality that there is magic to change their life abroad. Wherever we go, we need to work hard for better lives. Selection of a proper field, investment with long term plan and dedication and hard work can give return in our own country too. Therefore, time has come to think about “what have we given to our country, not what has our country given to us” like JF Kennedy says.

Jeevan Karki