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The Ungifted Gift : Reeti K.C.


The sun penetrating from the curtains fell on a girl. Lost in her world of dreams; creating her own world when she heard an enchanting music. The music started to go louder every time until it compelled her to leave her Shangri-La. Irritated by the sound of the alarm clock and still with sleepy eyes she woke up. It was 7:15 am and even though she knew that she was late for school, she did not hurry up. Her mother was calling her from downstairs, “Alison, hurry up. Why is this girl so lazy? Alison, I want you downstairs in fifteen minutes.”

Alison was angry at her mother and shouted back, “Yes mom!” When Alison reached downstairs, her breakfast was ready. Already late, she gobbled up her food and ran outside. She bid farewell to her mother and went to school in her bike.

Alison’s dad and mom had broken up a year ago. Her mother worked hard day and night as it was very difficult for her as a single parent. Her dad lived in some other city. Alison was a notorious and lazy girl of her teens, who had mental stress because of her parents. Every day the same phenomenon would be going on; Alison always late for her school and her mother scolding at her carelessness.

One Monday morning, as usual, she woke up late but there was something unusual that day. Her mother had not called her yet. Anyways, she dressed up and went downstairs to have her breakfast. There was no one there. Silence swallowed the whole place and there was no breakfast on the table. She was getting extremely late so she thought of skipping breakfast. But where was her mother. She did not know.

She thought of going to school without telling her mother so she went to take her bike. When she went out, the weather was calm and a gentle wind was blowing. The zephyr was so calm! It was spell bounding. She went to take her bike and she heard some voices. She went to see who it was and found her parents quarreling over some matter. Her dad was saying, “No it’s not good!” And her mom was saying, “It is the best thing we can do.”

She was curious of the reason but did not interrupt them. On the way to her school she thought of her parents. What had brought her dad back again? What were they quarreling about? These things were recurring in her mind. Now, even the zephyr did not calm her. Her hair was flying, the sound of wind in her ears, her bike running at full speed. She could feel the zephyr move past her, some kind of emptiness ruled her mind.

It was that moment when a car came mercilessly and hit her. She was shoved on the ground by the force the car hit her. She was immediately taken to the hospital; slack body, blood dripping from her head, and unconscious.

In the hospital, her parents arrived. She was in the I.C.U. One of the doctors came from the I.C.U. Her mom and dad both tensed ran to the doctor and asked him several questions. The doctor did not answer any of them. He just had a grim look in his face. Slowly, he spoke, “We tried our best to save her but…!” He took a long breath and said, “She is in a comma.”

Her mother was about to collapse there but her dad took hold of her. When they went to see Alison, her eyes were open; brown eyes staring at the ceiling but the difference was that they were void of charm. The eyes that once used to be full of mischief were now like the eyes of a lifeless doll. Both of them cried a lot at that scene.

Both of them remember that day vividly; that zephyr and their quarrel about what would they gift her in her birthday as her birthday was approaching near. On the very same day they wanted to tell her that they would live together again. Today, a year has passed and it’s Alison’s birthday. Still they are in the hope that their little Alison would open her eyes, embrace them and say, “I love you mom, I love you dad!”

Reeti K.C.