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  • There is Virtue and Vice: Mehek Bhandari

    In this world, there is virtue and vice, 

    Everything we do has its price. 

    This price through consequences we pay.

    The consequences may bring joy or dismay.


    In this world, there is virtue and vice,

    There are people with hearts of stone and ice.

    Everywhere we see, there is greed and sympathy. 

    Injustice continues to thrive alongside hypocrisy.


    In this world, there is virtue and vice, 

    Some people are sordid and sleazy like mice.

    In this world, people moisturize their skins with butter.

    Yet, their minds never get out of the gutter.


    Perhaps, this world can be a bit nice,

    When you and I have kindness of a slice. 

    Perhaps, we can end our mediocrity, 

    When we show some sympathy.

    Mehek Bhandari 

    Jana Jyoti Secondary School, Kalimati

    Class- 9

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