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Twist of life : Deepika Agrawal


As I was moving to my school I found a person lying on the ground who was wet in blood but being a girl I had no any option but just to move on. I moved till I could realize it was just a dream but the time I faced the fact reality showed a different face. I moved some countable steps leaving the man semi conscious, humanity was screaming out but the clock reminded me my destiny!

Finally the heart over took me and I got my duty. As I was walking alone I couldn’t make myself move the further step but as I have seen in different movies, I decided to take a lift. I tried a lot but my fate betrayed me. At last when I got nothing I called ambulance which I could do before but the run out battery didn’t make me too. When the ambulance arrived I thought my duty was over as the man would be safe at the hospital. I left the man in the ambulance and moved towards my destiny. The good deed made me so happy that I was able to take my steps happily.

Next week

The boring lecture of teacher was making me to jump through the cliff but realizing the fate I made my heart to settle down. Finally, waiting for dry long hour, period was over but heard a bad news that we had extra classes!

There came a new teacher. When the gentleman entered the class it took all my sense away. The teacher was none other than the man I helped last week. He started with his little introduction and added

“I was coming to school last Monday but had a serious accident. I must thank the god or that lady who helped me to reach to the hospital. As I was semi conscious I couldn’t realize her face but she was a gentle girl.”

I wanted to scream telling it was me but from the things I had learnt I couldn’t. Some told that you should always do good deed without letting anyone know what your deed.

This incident made me realize the twist of life.

-Deepika Agrawal