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Will Miss Those Days: Deepika Agrawal


Will Miss Those Days: Deepika Agrawal

Last night something mysterious happened!
I was feeling uneasy. I thought it was because of a change of temperature or just the pressure of the SLC Exam, the so-called Iron Gate. But that uneasiness grew over the course of time. I ignored it because I had a lot more to think rather than getting tensed about what happened to me. So, I was in my bed trying to sleep…but I couldn’t.

I thought a lot and tried to recognize what happened to me then I felt something was not with me. It was my heart. Yes, my heart was not with me. I called my heart but I had no reply because I left my heart in my school as it loved school more than me. It was damned uneasy for me. So, I went to take my heart. I found it on the desk, where I used to sit when I was the student in class ten. I said to my heart “Please, come with me, I don’t want to die.” But it refused. It replied “Whatever happens let it be, but I’m not gonna leave my desk, never”. It was pumping with an unusual sound. tears were flowing from its eyes but I had no way. I found it jumping here and there over the desks, blackboard, whiteboard and the notice board, where I used to write articles. I called my heart, wept a lot but all went in vain. Now, I felt it was the end of my life… The white background happened, it was a dream just, a dream!

I tried to feel whether my heart was pumping (to know whether it was with me) but heard no sound. Yes, I am here with my body but my soul and heart is somewhere else. At the end of year I realized how much my heart loved my school. I slept, letting my heart fly and enjoy the place it loved, with the things it loved, hoping for its return.

Deepika Agrawal